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Organic Colorado Timothy  

Our Organic Timothy is grown at high altitude

in the Wet Mountain Valley of Westcliffe, Co.

which is known for having some of the most

nutrient rich, unspoiled soil in the world 

producing one of the best grass hays grown.

2 String 70 lb bales

Analysis(DM): Protein=10.1 ADF=36.1 NDF=54.8

Colorado Orchard

Organically grown in the Southwestern region of Colorado. Our orchard produces large blade, leafy

nutritional grass.

2 String 70 lb bales

Analysis(DM): Awaiting test results

* Specializing in Premium Quality Hay & Feed *

Vet Recommended...Horse Approved

#1 Premium Quality Alfalfa

  Our Alfalfa is cut fresh every 45 days.

Green...Leafy...Small Stemmed

3 String 110+ lb bales

​Analysis(DM): Protein=20.1 ADF=34.2 NDF=40.6


Our Bermuda is young cut several times per year & is considered an economical alternative grass feed. 

3 string 100+ lb bales

Analysis(DM): Protein=14.7 ACF=28.8 NDF=63.2

Don't Just Feed...INVEST...In The Best

* The Green Oasis *

The Green Oasis Farm & Feed 

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3 Way

Grown with a beautiful blend of Oat, Wheat & Barley. Our 3 way is harvested at the perfect time, creating an excellent high fiber feed with great nutritional value. 

3 string 100+ lb bales

Analysis(DM): Protein=13.9 ADF=34.3 NDF=56.8

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